Track Listing:
Love Loving You

Space is silence
it moves with a sigh and drifts on and on
It takes its time in its permanence
like a love that has learned
it will soon be gone
But I, I stay just to wake to your face

'Cuz I love loving you
wrong or right I just do
Can't fight what makes you burn
and vow for love in return

Time, life's mortality
it will never stop even if our hearts do
We're bound eternally
These words I say are true,
I would surely die to live without you
Oh I, I pray there's no way
for love to fade / Chorus

What must I do, do you feel the way I do?
This love we share has nothing to fear
A thousand swords hold no threat
Like the sea blesses the sunset
it's not just my hand you hold
Within your soul
I'm home / Chorus
When You're Gone

Floating on an ocean without sails
That's how I'll feel when you're gone
The winter wind
has become my friend
an empty voice
to numb me once again
That's how I'll feel when you're gone
A contradiction of reason,
I'm falling
no parachute, no safety net,
or place to bail to
I didn't wanna love you this much,
but I did
Beautiful notes on a page
but no player to take the stage
You didn't wanna hurt me,
but you did
My heart breaks too easily
take care of yours

Though I don't know
if I can shift these dreams
I'm still in love with the moments,
the sounds, the feelings
and it's too soon to let go

Sometimes I don't understand
how we are the way we are
nothing less,
but never more than friends
and don't friends fall in love?
Breathing like this
was never easy on either of us
and I just want what you want
So I guess this settles the tab
No more favors have I to ask / Chorus

Floating on an ocean without sails
That's how I'll feel when you're gone
Let You Go (Acoustic)
I watch the sun come up,
tears fill my eyes
Heaven's gone, I cry
He left me with misery,
didn't let me say goodbye
Now it's over, time to let go

But it's all behind me now
I can turn and walk away
'cuz I know that I am brave
So just go

I didn't need to hear the door
slamming when you left
I could see it in your eyes
and it hurt me deep
I'll always remember you
all the sweet things you did for me
How you were my heaven for awhile / Chorus

I'm learning that
I don't need your arms,
I don't need your time
I don't need your smile,
the sun still shines
without your eyes
So just go

Just go
If I let you go, can I let you go?
I need to let you go, but I'm so scared
It hurts to let you go
Heaven's gone if I let you go
Can I let you go?
I'll let you go
The Roots: I started writing this song in 2003 and put it on the back burner. In 2005, I met Aaron who helped me to finish the lyrics and turn it into the beautiful duet that it is. Thanks Aar! The Roots: This is a compilation of inner struggles and questions I never dared to ask the person it was directed to. Aaron told me it was my best work after hearing it for the first time. The Roots: It took me 5 years to finally push past the hurt enclosed in this song. After it was finished and I performed it for the first time, I felt released. In 2002, I met an extremely talented musician, Chris McDowell, who helped me to bring this song to life. Thanks Chris!