Sweet sexy little thing
show me what you got
What do you say we get out
of this parking lot?
There's a party down
the hill that's hot
Spin your wheels and flash your light,
but I'll lead the way
Don't worry 'bout a thing baby,
it's gonna be okay
'Cuz I'm here to save the day

No rarer a moment comes to mind
the night I saved Optimus Prime

Looks like each one of your boots
must weigh a ton
From the gait of your walk
and the grind in your gears,
this'll be more fun
than I've had in years hon
Pass the book on mechanics 101 / Chorus

Every five feet is a photo op
Fixing your grill and your belt in the
blatant light of a squad of cops
This break 'n' dance
thing's gotta stop / Chorus

Prime numbers got nothing
to do with you
Nobody said heroes don't need
guardian angels too
That's what I'll be
if you should lean
out of the blue

Sweet sexy little thing
let's get out of here
The party's dying and it's time
for us to disappear
Same time, same place next year / Chorus