Track Listing:
Foolish Games
The Rose
I Will Remember You
Wind Beneath My Wings
Hurt Me
You Were Meant For Me
All Cried Out
The Roots: Written by Jewel Kilcher. This was the first Jewel song I had sung Karaoke style. Likewise this recording was the first I had ever sung this song without Jewel singing in the background. What you hear is the one and only take I attempted. The engineer, Jason Ringlesetter, and my Father thought that it sounded perfect. The Roots: Written by Amanda McBroom. First off, Bette Middler and Whitney Houston were the first singers I looked up to. I had tested my untrained vocal skills at Great America when I recorded Whitney's version of "I Will Always Love You." But when it came to this project, I decided that "The Rose" by Bette would be much easier to master and this song held more meaning to me. The Roots: Written by Sarah McLachlan, Seamus Egan and Dave Merenda. One of my favorite Sarah McLachlan songs. Since I was making an album of Karaoke songs, I couldn't pass up the chance to record this one. The Roots: Written by Larry Henley and Jeff Silbar. This is the song that started it all, as my Mother would say. I was about 5 years old when I heard this song. If you've read my bio, then you know the whole story behind this song. Again, I couldn't resist recording this one. The Roots: Written by Deborah Allen, Rafe VanHoy and Bobby Braddock. I have to hand it to LeAnn Rimes. She's got an amazing vocal range. "Hurt Me" was the only "easy" country song available in Karaoke that I knew well and felt comfortable with. And as I was still training my voice to hit those high notes, this song proved to be just the right combination of highs and lows. I know it seems strange, but I had fun singing this heart aching song. The Roots: Written by Jewel Kilcher and Steve Poltz. Okay, this was actually the last song I recorded for this album. It had been a long day with some great takes (earning me the title of "One Take Echo"), and some not so good ones evident that my voice was getting tired. Still, this one didn't turn out too bad. Another Jewel song that to this day is still the song that people requested of me the most. It was some Hanson fans that named me "The Jewel Of The Rockies." The Roots: Written by F. Full. This song was... really bad, haha. I didn't really know the song and had no one to sing the guy part which I didn't know myself. This was my first lesson in song choice. Just because you love the song doesn't mean you can sing it. Jason thought I did a good job on this extremely hard song for someone of my age and skill level. So he tacked it on the end of the album. Well, no offense to the songwriters, performers, or Jason, but I never sang this song again.