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Monday 05.15.06 Bulletins
Above All Else
At the request of her friends, Echo helped to write a song as a gift for Mother's Day. Aaron and Josh Parees, close friends of Echo, came up with the idea and Echo brought it to life. The song features three very special verses: one from Aaron, one from Josh, and one from Echo. Above All Else is a landmark as the three co-writers wrote their verses seperately, not hearing each other's work (aside from the music track Echo laid down) until it was time to put the whole song together. They recorded the song as a single, but it was not released to the public at the request of Echo's co-writers. "It's a private gift to our mothers," says Echo. If you're a member, you can listen to the instrumental track and a clip of the verse Echo wrote in the voice section.
Thursday 03.09.06 Bulletins
Echo's Journal!
Echo has left a new journal entry!
Wednesday 01.25.06 Events
Open Mic Nights!
Echo to perform Santa Clara and Campbell open mics! For more info take a look at the events page.
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